The Alliance Truck Parts fuel filter/water separator is designed to meet the filtration requirements of today's high pressure common rail diesel injection systems. The unit is used for fuel dispensing pumps or as a primary fuel filter/water separator on large diesel engine applications.

The Alliance fuel filter/water separator assemblies are designed to meet the toughest conditions and offer ease of filter changeouts. These versatile fuel filter/water separator assemblies have three element options to meet various requirements. For fuel dispensing applications, the filter water separator element is recommended.

The filter water separator element removes contaminants and water from biodiesel, biodiesel blends, diesel fuel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon fuels. The filter separator allows water to be removed from the fuel stream. Microfilters are recommended to be used on engines to protect the OEM supplied fuel system. Silicon treated cellulose microfilters remove particle contaminants down to one micron. Microfilters can also be used before filter water separators to extend life. Absorptive filters absorb water and filter contaminants from diesel fuel and other hydrocarbon streams. The filter separator element is recommended so water can be removed from the fuel stream.